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You Need to do Something About the Running in Circles

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--- Quote from: AZAN on August 28, 2015, 09:55:41 PM ---I am quite sure most rangers would like nothing better than to take solid positions and put some shots in but they rarely get the opportunity.

--- End quote ---

Yep, I can agree with this. As an archer you actually have to run with your infantry group if you want to survive and can't just hold a valuable position on the map like you can in matches. But would some gold bonus for infantry really solve the problem? For me it feels like there are always 2 big infantry groups chasing each other and those who are too slow and fall behind get killed.

I guess it's pretty hard to have players act like they would do in matches. Spreading all the 25 players across the map is not really working, you always have a higher chance of surviving within a big group and this group can only take one direction. Even with higher rewards for infantries this behaviour wouldn't change.

We are always open for suggestions and want to improve our server constantly. If there is any mod we can test out we would gladly do it.

At late hours when there are less than 15-20 people on the server this stops being an issue. We're talking about herd behavior, it's not more scientific than that. Reduce the number of players on the same server and it will naturally be more viable to do your own thing and not simply be part of the crowd.

I don't know, people choose to go one way for a reason, it's not random or inconsistent. The only reason the effect drops off as numbers go down is that the relative strength of an individual increases, so it becomes more viable for them to not go with the crowd and fight alone or in smaller groups.

It's also not an effect seen on other servers, check out US servers, there's no running in circles there.

I also don't have any interest in this being like competitive matches, running at each other is not anything like competitive. I simply want this current behaviour to end without going back to the 25 ranger camps we used to have before. When there are enough aggressive inf on both sides you get great engagements which don't take 5 minutes but which all the classes are able to contribute properly, so I think with a little encouragement and reward of aggressive inf play we can get this more.

You could have insta flag spawns to encourage direct clashes, archers would see what positions are viable, and cav would have less free roam amongst the backlines.

Some maps would be 100% broken if the flag spawns unluckily. Insta flag is a bad idea by default (for an example, take Ruins and the flag spawns at the left side of village spawn - yeah just hold stones, infs will stand on flag, gg).

I lowered the time, and temporarily removed the delayed spawn on cav. If the issue persists, please tell me - but give it a few days.


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