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You Need to do Something About the Running in Circles

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Put plainly above, it needs to be sorted out, it has effectively killed all open maps (you're now getting complaints about the final remaining one) and mixed maps are sure to follow next.

I think I fully understand the reason why it happens now, but I want to explain the consequences first, see if you agree.

The result of everyone running round in circles, taking the longest way around away from the opponent means cav have an easy time of it, there are always stragglers you can gang up on and kill. Normally (because IG is anything from normal nowadays) cav would be blocked at choke points by infantry and forced away from defensive positions by rangers, because of the constant running neither of these happen. This is why people were feeling so overpowered and helpless against cav hence the 10 second extra spawn time for cav. I don't agree with that extra time but I understand why it was done even though it's treating a symptom not a cause.

The second thing that happens with the running in circles is that archers struggle to do anything. They rarely have time to sit and shoot and are often simply chasing the infantry round so they don't get killed.

Finally the infantry themselves are unable to attack, since you really need to attack as a single mass as infantry having most of your team run off constantly makes this futile.

The cause for all this is actually rather simple, a lot of the people playing infantry don't want bad scores. From the individuals point of view if they aren't a strong infantry player then heading into the meatgrinder will result in zero kills and a lot of deaths. So their choices are to either switch class (oops can't do that, class limits) or to play in a more passive ambush style approach. However that style of play means deliberately not killing people head on, usually waiting round corners or simply coming up behind people.

The result is that enough people who don't want to fight head on run as far round as possible away from the opponent.

The reason they can do this is that the battle format lacks any structure until the flags spawn. They literally have a choice between surviving and having a hope for a kill and dying immediately with a much smaller chance for a kill.

You need to increase the reward for infantry players during the early stages of an engagement. This could come in the form of larger gold payouts, more kills on the scoreboard for each kill, deaths not counting for the first minute or maybe first blood giving a large reward of some sort. The point is that you need to make the game economical for a greater range of the players who play infantry.

Either that or get rid of the class limits and go back to having camping every other round, not that that's much better.

The way crpg kind of dealt with this problem is introducing points for damage. This.means you can top the board with 1-3 kills if you are doing a lot of damage, I wonder if this is feasible for native and giving extra gold based on points scored and not just kills. It would also provide an incentive to play spearman (which even in competitive gives you very little credit)

Scoreboard still counts kda but has an extra coloumb for points (again I can't mod or code so don't know how much effort it took them to do it)

The points for damage thing is potentially possible, although you would have to put that in the kills column.

Points are only available in other game modes like conquest, so it would require you to completely rebuild native battle within the conquest or CTF gametypes while keeping it compatible with the client side. This is actually possible since I did a lot of similar work when I made the conquest supremacy mod (code lost unfortunately), although it would be a big effort for a small feature.

I will get back to you on this shortly. We're currently re-arranging some server-management issues, but I'll get back to you on this in roughly a week or two.

Meanwhile, keep in mind these things and please tell us if you got any ideas on these issues (if at all possible):

* We want the server to stay as competitive as possible (things like bonus gold for early kills, getting free equipment etc is therefor not acceptable solutions)
* It's not only infantries that needs to be aggressive. The archery and cav classes can be equally aggressive (we all know how deadly an archer in a far-up position is when you can't get to him easily), so if possible, find a reason for more than only infantries to move up to get quick kills
* I know you're against the delayed cav spawn-timer, but the current competitive maps doesn't offer a solution for people who want to make drops (even if done quick), who need 4-5 extra seconds to spawn (had this issue on my old laptop sometimes - with lag during spawn), so for now the delayed timer will stay on based on that the spawnrushing was a big issue for many people (until a better solution can be provided)

1. This is not even remotely true and hasn't been for some time, you run maps that are not in competitive tournaments and you enforce class limits which directly stop people from practising the classes they need to play. Additionally you play 5 round setups, have no reduced round time and actively disrupt the cav spawn times so they don't have any practise with the timings. The system is already nothing like competitive and plays nothing like it, so adding a small incentive to encourage gameplay that is more like competitive play is not something that is going to make it less competitive.

2. Don't know what you mean about archers being aggressive, they're reliant on inf to push or hold areas. I am quite sure most rangers would like nothing better than to take solid positions and put some shots in but they rarely get the opportunity. Cav are plenty aggressive enough, that's why you introduced the different spawn times isn't it? The point is to change score mechanics to encourage inf to do something else, if the other classes play normally already then there isn't much point adding mechanics.

3. The drops are fine if people don't entirely abandon whole flanks of the map, used to be that cav simply got killed coming into the spawns simply because of the density of players there. A simple 1-1 drop takes only a second anyway. If you're doing elaborate multi jav-shield drops then you deserve to be punished for it. Another way you could fix this is simply adding a 3 second period of invincibility after spawning, that effects no timing issues and prevents a player from dying instantly on spawning.


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