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In order to keep the website, forum, domain, TeamSpeak3-server and Warband game-servers running, we need donations.

The cost for all these services together is roughly 50 a month (last updated: 17/02/16). It would be greatly appreciated if you would donate any amount from 1 to 10 to 100 (to 1 Mio. :P) to the PayPal account (the link to this PayPal account can be found on our homepage).

Current balance, regular payments and discontinued servers as of February 17, 2016 (for the most up-to-date balance, please check the most recent post of this thread):

Current balance (January 2018)Warband, TeamSpeak, Website

Total of expenses: ~ 3514,25
Total of donations received: ~ 3496,00
Current balance: - 18,25
Detailed list of regular paymentsVidahost / ThermalDegree Ltd. | Website = 15.00 GBP semi-annually
Vidahost / ThermalDegree Ltd. | Domain = 9.38 GBP annually
ReneKB | TeamSpeak = Free

Discontinued serversWar of the Roses/Vikings
Total of expenses: ~ 915,50
Total of donations received: ~ 915,50
Current balance: + 0,00

The server will have to be paid again soon, so more donations are appreciated!

The website and server both need payment at the end of this month, so some additional donations of a total worth of around 20 would be helpful!

1/2 done!

Donated some money. :)


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