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Types of offenses and punishments
« on: April 23, 2014, 08:20:11 PM »

i've noticed that on this thread you actually reference quite a lot of the banable words/phrases. I know this might "sound" silly but i think that such content should not be posted or at least be posted inside a "spoiler box" just to avoid any minors reading them (or other people that could get offended by them).

I for sure swear more than i should (especially in real life... bad habit of a Greek i guess) so i may not be the one that should point this out but still, i think that it's a bit weird to post the actual words you don't want to see posted.

Just a trivial thing i noticed and thought that should be pointed out.
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Re: Types of offenses and punishments
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2014, 06:56:24 PM »
Sorry I haven't replied to this yet.

Spoilering is an option, but it might make the text harder to read. Example in the spoiler below. I am not sure if it spoilering them is worth breaking up the text. Also the spoilers are quite prominent and when clicked on make the examples stand out even more. The references are already in quotation marks, so it should be clear that they are for reference only. Minors or people who take offence might read them, but I think in the context that can be accepted. Without the references/examples, it will be less clear what we mean, as not everyone necessarily gets that "No discrimination" means the word "gay" should be avoided, that "fuck you" or "fu" is an insult, what "Offensive language" means for us and so on. These words and phrases are used so commonly in the internet and games, that players might have become desensitised to their meaning and use them as they would use normal words. Referencing words and phrases we prohibit should counteract that. Those offended by these words should quickly see that they are not included here to encourage their use, but rather to discourage it and would hopefully accept it under those circumstances.

This table showing the punishment for offences is just a guideline for adminstrative action.
Generally, the administrative response or punishment meted out is to be decided by the admin(s) present and may be reviewed, overturned, confirmed or even increased retrospectively.

These consequences of behaviour violating rules are only suggestive. The consequences for specific situations depend on the specific incident and admin carrying out the administrative response. While glitching usually is responded to by warning1 or, if repeated, by kicking the offender and occasional crude language is likewise dealt with less drastically then other offences, both offences together would warrant a harsher response.

After an admin warned a player for violating a rule, the admins on the server may proceed with the punishment described in "Punishment for repeated Occurrence", depending on their assessment. "Kick / Temporary or Permanent Ban" means they are asked to first kick the offender and then either temporarily or permanently ban him or her. "Kick / Temporary Ban" means they are asked to first kick the offender and then temporarily ban him or her, generally not banning the offender permanently. "Warning / Permanent Ban" and "Kick / Permanent Ban" mean that the admin may warn the player or warn and kick the player, but that they can also immediately and permanently ban the player without giving a warning if the situation warrants it.

Type of OffenceExampleExplanation of the RulePunishment for first OccurrencePunishment for repeated Occurrence
GlitchingAccessing a spot abusing flaws in the map or game, including but not limited to entering houses, leaving the map or accessing a place that requires several non-obvious jumps to suceedGlitching gives an unfair advantage to the perpetrator and decreases the positive experience of other players on the serverWarningKick / Temporary Ban
RecruitingRecruiting players for another clanWe pay the server, we offer it to you for playing. Using it to advance your own clan via recruitment and thereby abusing our hospitality is not permittedWarningKick / Temporary Ban
Swearing/crude languageRepeated usage of words like
"fuck" etcetera
Disturbs the servers atmosphereWarningKick / Temporary Ban
Poll abuseEither making multiple polls in a short space of time to change the map, or poll-kicking/banning players without a valid reasonDisturbs the server atmosphereWarningKick / Temporary or Permanent ban
ImpersonationImpersonating individual players by using their names or modified versions that cannot be differentiated from the real one. Furthermore using clan-tags without being a member of that clan. Depending on the actions perpetrated while using impersonating names, the severity of the response may varyHas the potential of negatively altering the players or clans reputationWarningKick / Temporary or Permanent Ban
Offensive language/insults and harassmentSingular or repeated usage of words like
"cunt", "bitch", "whore-son", "rape" and any form of insult like "fuck you", "you bitch" and so forth
. Harassment by other means than insults such as tea-bagging and kicking corpses is also forbidden - neither team gains an advantage by doing this, so if someone does kick or tea-bag someone else's body, it is either friendly banter between mates or, when the body is not that of a friend, harassment. If a player is not doing this in a friendly spirit with one of his or her friends, then it is considered harassment. Deciding if it is done in friendly spirit or not is done at the discretion of the admin.
Disturbs the servers atmosphereWarningKick / Temporary or Permanent Ban
Arguing with AdminsPlayers may ask for the reason for being kicked, warned etcetera, provided they do so politely and not in a way that insinuates abuse of power ("What the hell do you think you are doing..."). It is not permitted to argue with the admin after the reason for the adminstrative decision has been given. Questioning the rules, admin or his/her decision has no place on our server - do that on our forum or with private messagesDisturbs the servers atmosphere, undermines our authority and abuses our hospitalityWarningKick / Temporary or Permanent Ban
Intentional team-attackingPurposefully attacking players from the same team. This includes kicks, punches and attacks on their horse, i.e. any sort of attack directed at a team-mate. If it is apparent that the team-attacking player attempts to kill several players, the severity of the administrative response increases. Even when an intentional attack does not cause a player to lose health it is a violation of the rules and subject to administrative action.Costs the attacked player health, his life and equipment, weakens the team and disturbs the servers atmosphere. Warning / Permanent BanKick / Permanent Ban
Discrimination (racism, xenophobia, sexism...)Any form of discrimination, be it due to race, nationality, gender, sex or opinion is strictly prohibited. This includes usage of words like
"nigger", "gay", "fag" and so on
Severely disturbs the servers atmosphereWarning / Permanent BanKick / Permanent Ban

1 Our definition of "warning":

We warn people when we think they are not aware that their actions are against our rules. For example, if a person says
'I'll rape you!'
and from the context it is obvious that the player means 'I'll own you!', an instant kick/ban would not be appropriate, since 'rape' used in that sense on most servers is not against the rules. But on ours it is. Hence, only if the respective player repeats his behaviour, after having been informed/warned that his behaviour is against the rules, a kick/ban is appropriate. But a warning is certainly not meant as 'break the rules once for free, get banned the second time'. When it is obvious that a player breaks the rules recklessly or intentionally, then a kick/ban without further warning is absolutely appropriate. For example when someone joins the server and starts randomly team-killing everyone right at spawn.

A warning does not need to state the action the admin would take if the warning is not heeded. For example someone who is writing in server chat
"You dumb idiot"
could be warned by and admin writing "No insults" or "Player X, do not insult other players. Please read our rules in the welcome message". It does not need to say "Player X, do not insult or you will be banned.".
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