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Anti cheat coming to Roses
« on: April 09, 2014, 10:31:33 AM »
Please post and say Thanks to Fatshark :)

Quote from: Robin.;17211470
Hi everybody,

As you might have heard Fatshark is going to implement the anti cheat used for War of the Vikings in War of the Roses. Since a few months we are officially not working on the project so that Paradox Arctic can take over and give you the support you deserve, but this has apparently taken longer than we at Fatshark anticipated. We have therefore decided to, out of our own pockets but with Paradox's permission, to implement anti cheat in War of the Roses as a good bye gift to the roses community to ensure that at least this arrives as soon as possible.

To elaborate on the timing of this, we will start implementation as soon as we have ironed out all anti cheat related issues in War of the Vikings. Currently there are still some compatibility issues with certain setups and software and we are working with Easy Anti Cheat to solve this issues as soon as possible. All this to make the transition to activated anti cheat in War of the Roses as smooth as possible.

I will personally be doing the integration, so I will give you guys updates when things are getting closer to initial testing in Roses, but my goal is to have something at the very least in testing by the end of this month.


Happy slashing ;)

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