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Application (for Warband: Vikingr) - Rusty Rolex [not accepted]
« on: January 13, 2013, 02:18:24 AM »
What is your name in Warband and on TaleWorlds?Uncoded_bro and RustyRolex
What Saxon name would you like to use?Avery
How old are you? I am 15
Did you read and understand the Constitution of the Company Guard of Istiniar and the Charter of the Branch Fyrd of Devonshire [Vikingr]? I have read both and understand both.
How good do you speak or understand English? Do you have a working microphone/headset? I speak english as a first lang, and have headphones and a microphone
Where are you from? I live in Wisconsin the Central Time Zone
What are you favourite classes?
How long have you been playing? A few months but spent a lot of time in the demo getting good
Have you been in other clans for Warband (mods included)? If yes, which clans have you been part of and why did you leave them?Yes, Naploenanic wars, the 48th regiment, i left them because they weren't active at all
Do you want to join the Military or the Civilian section?Military
Why are you interested in joining us? you seem to be a large group who are organized and are active
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Re: Application-Rusty Rolex
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2013, 04:14:04 PM »
Dear Rusty Rolex,

 first of all thank you for your application.

 We would like to see you join us on TeamSpeak3 ( and play a bit with us on the public Vikingr servers, so that we can get to know you!

This does not mean that you are part of the clan, however. The official trial will start when we accept you as recruit, after seeing you sometimes. Once that happens you will be on trial for up to four weeks, where we will see if you fit into IG or not. This also means that you can't use the FD-tag yet.

Ealdorman Carl