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Proposal for multi clan match
« on: December 30, 2012, 01:27:04 PM »
Hello !

I would like to know if you want to have a multi clan match 50- 64 players for late january / early february with us and some other team. I am actually searching for the other team (B2K clan was Ok), if you know some "friend  team" that would be interested, let me know

I know some players cannot make the game run with 64 players, but if some of you can and are motivated for it, it could be fun I think.

(Was thinking of a large pitched battle event)

You can let me know via steam or forum!

Hope you will all have a nice holydays and you will end fine the 2012 year,

Best regards,

Sire Trinkof, field leader of [LCF]
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Re: Proposal for multi clan match
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 10:14:48 PM »
Greetings Trinkof!

We are generally positive to this kind of event. At the moment however many of our people are still on their holidays, we will get in touch with you hopefully in a few days  :)

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Re: Proposal for multi clan match
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2013, 10:01:05 PM »
Hello !

First of all, Happy new year from [LCF] everyone!

Second, let's get to the serious part  ;:)

I talked to Aeronwen on steam, and she suggested me to post here, the rules I was suggesting for the upcoming "great battle"

1) General description :

Let's call it the "The Kings Battle", pūrpose is to have a great 50-64 players event, with multiple clans, and first of all to have FUN. In this goal we will try to set up 2 teams equally strong if possible, by taking advice of the most veterans members of the community regarding level of each team (this will be hard)

In this objective I would suggest that we put a "long timer" like 10-15 minutes, to allow teams to develop large scale strategy, and asking teams to play it nice and fair by not camping and sniping if battle is almost lost.

2) Conditions of enlistment

Teams that would like to enter the battle should be strong of at least 6 members. I am not asking for more, cause some players cannot run the game with 64 player battle due to ping or graphic issues. That way we could also have some minor or "young and growing" teams, in order to include them in the community.

The game is open for 60 players, I was thinking we could keep 4 slots for fatshark/paradox members if they wish to join us

3) Class restriction

I think a "classe" restriction could be nice, due to balance on some open maps, but as the exact number of each team will be different, a % could work

Was thinking of :

-50% of a clan must be men at arms (meaning, if a clan is 11, they must have at least 6 men at arms)
-1 horseman is allowed by complete trench of 6 players. (-1 cav if you are 11 , 2 if you are 12)

4) Dress code

This is a king battle, so let's play it "roleplay"  :D
Only clan leaders, commanding on field, are allowed to have "plums, plumage, or any kind of crest"
Of course, every clan leader have to wear one of his choice (flashy if possible  ;) )

5) Battle Conditions and interruption .

Due to the high number of players on field, and to frequent crash issue, we will not stop the game each time teams are not balanced. I would set the limit of a 5 five playsres difference, to finish the round and take a break. (Meaning : when a team reach a number of 6 players in disadvantage, the team can call for a break to reform, and reset the map)

6) warming round

A 20-30 minutes warming round in TDM no limit will be made before battle to allow late players to join, and warm map. Map should be Bamburgh, to keep it close, intense and "warming"  :D

7) Main Rounds

Mode = Pitched battle
Time limit = 5 - 15 minutes, to allow large scale strategy
rounds begins 1 minute after timer to allow deployment and strategy council
First to 3or 4 rounds wins, then changing sides
Maps = 2 maps
I was thinking Mortimer Cross cause allowing interresting deployment option and diffrents strategy
For the second, well ....
-Towton would be extraordinary, but I fear ping and graphic issue in 64 players
-Edgecott More, could allow a nice "trench war", small map, but could be intense withour being "closed" like castles.
-St Albans, well I do not like the feeling of this map, but nice "street fight" with multiple squad is possible, so I think it could be very fun

8) Special Round

Well I was thinking of a final round : everyone foot man at arms, no cav, no archer, with pitched battle on Barnet, and everyone meets at the center of the field, (pitched battle, first to 3/4 wins) without team changing, to try to have a HUGE MELEE, with two armies clashing

I think this could be a Fun round, not included in final result

9) Speaking and chat rules

Well, no one exept team leader is allowed to use global chat.
Team chat is if possible reserved for clan leaders com, cause we do not speak all the same language and a 32 team speak could be difficult to manage

10) Server

I propose myself to rent a 64 players server, (upgrading our actual 32 slots servers.
If event is fun and people wish to "do more", I would love to see it becoming a "Monthly King's Battle", and so I will keep the server in 64 slots
If some invested clans or "rich" (if that exist  :) ) clans wish to help me rent it, well, feel free  :D


Thank you for reading !
Feel completly free for comment, (or insults  :P ), you certainly have a lot more experience than me for organising events !

I will try to set a date tomorrow !

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