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« on: October 08, 2012, 10:15:16 AM »
Please post your builds below.

Those that we come to use as standard will be updated in this post.

Please post a screenshot of the build, notes on weapon modifiers and armour would be appreciated by me at least.
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Re: Builds
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2012, 01:53:07 PM »

Push lever - Armour piercing

Milanese - Standard - Standard

Bascinet with Round visor (use this because i don't want to be instakilled while I'm aiming, or get slashed in the face)

Medium armour (use this because It does'nt slow down too much and i like the extra protection)

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Re: Builds
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2012, 02:10:29 PM »

This is my infantry-build that I made as an intented build for supporting my team in groupfights.

*Medium armour because i want to be able to move arround and also for controlling larger groups of enemys by kiting them arround and killing them off.
*Armet on my head!

*Imperial style scottish-sword since I dont have a problem finding the momentum to hit back after block generally.
*Passau-steel because whenever i use Toledo i end up with a broken mainweapon after a few fights.
*Convex for cutting through lighter armours faster.

*Shield on my back to save me from flying objects =) Also its handy against people who spam daggers.
*Sidearm is optional but i prefer the castillion sword because its so easy to interupt enemys via stabs while they want to hit my teammates.
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Re: Builds
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2012, 06:31:46 AM »
These are my four builds at moment i'll try and get a pic / video up soon but for now here it is in writeing.


Archer perks: longbow man and sleight of hand  due to fact i enjoy shooting faster as thats my only weakness when useing my bow, i find judgeing the shots drop easyer to do in my mind then to use the perks.

Note archer perks allow you to use range weapons on that build only.

Shield Bearer: Shield expert and shield bash which allows me to move faster/ swing faster while carrying a shield also the bash can be handy vs a 2h spammer due to fact it stuns them and stops them spamming. Also haveing shield on your back while revieing or bandageing is very handy due to arrows hitting shield will break and do 0 damage to you from behind, at longer distance vs range its very useful but at closer range a archer/crossbow man can just shoot your legs same as any melee build.

Note Sheild bearer allows you to spawn with a shield.

Watchman perks: keen eyes and spotter which allow me to see the other teams names at a greater range allowing me to shot from longer distance as well as know when its time to move to another spot. The spotter perk gives me more xp if i spot/tag or kill anyone tagged.

Movement perks: Runner and fleet footed which allows me to reach max speed faster.

Officer perks: replenish and courage which allow me as squad leader to get back mine and my squads ammo as well as heal them over time.

Note officer perks are X by the number of people near you in your squad not by the number in it for eg 8 people in squad but only 2 near you.

Main weapon: Warbow with armour piercing ammo and nothing else due to fact it more then half your ammo regen and a range class without ammo is alil annoying for the user and great for other team.

Note the warbow is great for range and best damage but for closer and faster hiting the hunting bow with the archer perks i picked can be used against melee at closer range then the warbow.

Side arms: mace due to fact high damge with mace can stun people as well its a good all round weapon at moment.

Note the mace like many weapons you have to hit with the head/tip other wise you do 0 damage so best duel / train till your good with it.

Dagger: Ballock dagger with milanese fighting style for even more speed.

Note dagger can block so don't just think its a great way to spam it can be used to save your life at moment.

Armour: Light for max speed of reloading and climbing ladders.

Will post my other classes at a later date.

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Re: Builds
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2012, 08:53:46 AM »
My archer build is basically identical to Deslay's, but with medium armor instead of light. I use it as a melee/archer hybrid, spending roughly 30% of my time in melee to great effect with shield and mace. During which time my arrows get a chance to regen properly. Personally I feel medium armor still leaves me faster than the heavy armor guys, but the added protection compared to light is worth it.

Since I often fire into melee from short distances, maybe I should try out the faster bows and not always go with the warbow.

Otherwise my builds are not in a finished state, they are basically changing with every patch. The game is in such a state of flux that I havent found the best setup for my inf and cav builds yet.

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Re: Builds
« Reply #5 on: October 09, 2012, 01:07:02 PM »

Since the new patches have changed quite a few things.
I'm currently playing with all light armour and I'll update this post once the weapon/armour balancing has settled down a bit.
My Archer perks remain: Longbowmen and Sleight of hand, which enables me to shoot quickly with the Warbow.

The funny thing is that Mordgrim and I were both dedicated cavalry in Warband, yet here in WOTR we have become melee/acrhers. Once Cavalry have been properly balanced, I imagine we'll switch back to cavalry but I feel the archer/melee hybrid class is the most versatile of all classes and I will always use this.

I also tweak my equipment with each patch (if there are new weapon balances). For example, the castillan sword was my favourite but since they were nerfed, I replaced it with the mace.
As pictured, I'm also experimenting with the Sallet Helm again, which I hated in the Beta since it offered hardly any protection.
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Re: Builds
« Reply #6 on: October 09, 2012, 02:38:12 PM »
I have the same philosophy as you in regards to the shield, on my light cavalry build. Where I have forsaken shield and only use a longsword in one hand. This is to enable me to move and fight better in melee, where a cav now unfortunately have to spend most of his time due to the fact that the lance breaks after 1-3 hits.

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Re: Builds
« Reply #7 on: October 10, 2012, 12:47:28 AM »
I have two main melee builds which I pick depending on the situation:

One of them is a damage machine focusing speedy kills so I'll call it Duelist.

The other is the support melee fellow. Support.

Both use the mace as their sidearm weapon. Hardwood and Milanese style.


Heavy armor all around. The advantage of going in and out of melee range faster with light/medium armor isn't worth much if you are going against people who can parry/block in my opinion.

Two handed sword with Passau Steel , Hollow Grind and Milanese Style

Milanese is important to kill someone faster since it swings faster thus being able to interrupt them more often. More damage doesnt mean you'll kill them faster, though more interruption guarantees it.


the important ones are Riposte and Block breaker. Armor training

After parries, or opening up you want to charge your attack fully to take advantage of block breaker then follow up with fast milanese swings to keep them in defensive. Though against skilled opponents you might just want to attack fast unless there is a huge gap in their defense.

Heal and Armor buffs for officer perks. Leave the damage to archers etc. in my opinion.


Support melee:

The goal of this character is to provide support to other melee in group fights, knock people down with hamstring, or equip your shield to buy other people time to heal, surround the target etc.

Heavy armor all around for the same reasons as the Duelist.

Two handed sword: Imperial style, Toledo steel, Hollow grind


Hamstring , Riposte, Shield carrier

Officer perks are the same.

Imperial + Toledo means you can dish out exceptional damage of you arent the target. In a group situation that means 1 or 2hit kills when you hit people in the face even once. When you attract their attention equip your shield and turtle with your occasional mace hits. Don't forget to slash the back of people's legs to knock them down, then charge at them from the back to crowd control even further.

Other than these its the same regular tactics. Ending feints with a thrust or overhead has a higher chance of not being parried. Know when to charge your attacks and when not to etc.

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Re: Builds
« Reply #8 on: October 17, 2012, 07:26:54 PM »
Ammo difference.  (any changes in these ammo, or for further info on them please message me or feel free to reply to this and i'll update the info below thank you for your  time)

Please note these damage vaules may change in time i done this post to time you use them, no one knows what the next patch may bring.


Standard - does not do damage to armor. Damage  20-30, 10 damage differnce between bow and crossbow.

Cresent Moon- The Cresent moon arrow does 80-100 damage, 185-255 red face damage, useless against armored targets, useful against archers and meduim targets. I advise to use this ammo on crossbows due to fact i think its better used with a sniper build class rather then a rapid fire class.

Barbed- does bleeding like cresent moon but often you will get a blue sheild icon due to its low armour pen, but when it does do damage to any target they will auto bleed.

Broad- does more armour pen then barbed and does more damage also causes an instant bleed upon damage

Bokin is a bow only ammo, it will do the same as the marksmen perk note it does same damage as the standard arrow but will drop less.

armour Pecring-  will do 40-50 damage on any target fully charged shots do around 60-80 damage depending where you hit them

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Re: Builds
« Reply #9 on: November 08, 2012, 02:46:53 PM »
These are my builds  :)

Coat of Arms




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Re: Builds
« Reply #10 on: December 10, 2013, 11:36:48 AM »
Light infantry

My main build(s), in the colours of Lancaster and York.

The light armor allows for flanking groups of enemies, attacking them from the side or from behind.
This build is most functional when avoiding direct confrontations, harassing enemy forces with hit and run tactics. (one attack and run, no follow up attacks, only parry and riposte in defense)
The helmet only provides limited protection since most opponents will aim for the torso or legs.
The sword, the french two handed falchion, is one of the most user friendly two handers.
Pierce attacks to the head do massive amounts of damage and lots of times circumvent parries, while a well aimed side attack to the neck usually results in a decapitation.
Pierce attacks do fairly well against mounted opponents too (aim slightly above the horse's head to take it down, followed up by a overhead attack on the poor knight trying to get back on his feet).

Opponents with shields are the biggest challenge though overhead attacks do a fair amount of damage on shields.
Attacking ranged units isn't a big problem due to this build's running speed, but avoid assaults on rooftops, climbing up the ladder leaves this build's torso and legs very exposed
I use the push and riposte perks with this class to have the upper hand whenever I find myself caught in a duel.


This man is a lumberjack, he loves to chop down trees.

His cuirass protects him in close combat, the axe deals especially well with shield wielding enemies in combination with the break block and shield breaker.
This build is very situational, forces the user to pick out slower targets like shielded ranged units.
After the shield is hacked to pieces, switch to the secondary weapon (in my case a warwickshire soldier's sword) to get the upper hand in the following swordfight.
Avoid confrontations with full plate armor, they usually hand out more damage than this build can inflict on them.

Heavy infantry

Sir knight!  Z:)

Well armored and armed with a two hander (In this case Bavarian, but I regularly use the Flamish one instead), and a Burgundian side-sword for minimal encumbrance.
This fella does devastating damage in close combat.
Can easily take on most plate armored foes with pierce attacks and slashes to the neck or face.
Although this build is not using heavy armor, this dude can be considered to be a tank once you learn to control your parries and dodging.
Shield breaker and push perks give this build a wide spectrum of abilities to deal with most classes.
Archers on roofs are not a problem, they might land one arrow on you but you'll tank your way up that ladder to secure the roof.
Zero in on enemies using pollaxes , start attacking them at point blank range.
Watch out for long ranged X bow attacks and dominate the battlefield.

Heavy axeman

Similar to the heavy infantry build, only this dude uses a long axe instead.
I am still figuring out the best way to use this weapon so I will update this little story when I have more sensible stuff to say about it.

The other builds that I use are mostly experimental, I change them often so right now I won't write about them.
I noticed my screens are too big for the forum, so if you wish to see what perks i'm using copy the picture's URL and paste it in a new page.

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Re: Builds
« Reply #11 on: December 11, 2013, 11:11:23 AM »
As Madvilain thought it was a good idea to post his classes, for showing to people how he's aweome, I decided to share you:


First Class: The Swords Man:


The most common class in IG team yeah, but I can say how to play with it :D
Just swing and aim the helmet of the guy... That's it !

Thunder tactic: When people are fighting, just dodge them and charge the archer, most of them have a light armor so you can spam them. Like this your team mates can advance in conquest without being shooted down!

Second class: The Handgones


Well, I just took the build of madvillain (
For shoot, you have to aim the guy before, without click on right click ! Because the time you spent on right click, aim the guy, the guy have already move !
So the advice, is to play like if it was an FPS, aim the guy, right click, shoot on keep on aiming the guy, and the shoot is done !
Thunder tactic : Keep your charge for this class, when you begin a fight don't charge, shoot, then go fight will he still stun, and if your shoot is back during the fight, just charge back and shoot him !

Third class : Melting pot of culture


War of the roses is such a good things for that... Look at this class ! He have a Swiss Hammer, a Galloglass Helmet, an Italian Swords and a stupid armor !
Well, For swiss hammer I don't recomend this built, simply because Galloglass helmet really slows the guy, so pick a medium or light helmet
Italian swords is simply for fighting light armor guy, or guys who wants to spam you
Thunder Tactic: For touching with such a long weapon, you movement must be random like this the guy is disturbing, and you can go left or right and find the good spot to instant kill him

4th Galloglass: The masterpiece of thunder


It's a kind of magic ! Ahah, i really waited so long for this class... And look at how awesome it is ! Well, of course it's really an easy class, the long axe can do 60-70 damage without being full charged on head... But who cared when you're a Galloglass ?
Maybe skinny crying about polearms yeah
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Re: Builds
« Reply #12 on: February 17, 2014, 06:29:15 PM »
Myself, Skinny, Demonhunter and Madvillain have all made a Roman Praetorian class, where we try to focus more on formations and team elements rather than the usual K/D etc etc


We have all got the same 'paint jobs' as each other just to make it look authentic, which is 'polished noble silver'. There is also a lack of visor but again that is just down to authenticity.

Regarding tactics, usually there are three regular Praetorians and then we have one 'Triarii' which is a similar build only with a spear. We stick in close knit formations and use bottlenecks around the battlefield in order to not get separated. It works really, really well for the team but don't expect great results on a personal note.

Here is an example of our tactics and bottleneck idea -
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Re: Builds
« Reply #13 on: February 17, 2014, 06:48:39 PM »
ahah nice

I wanna go Praetorian tonight!!  :knight:
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Re: Builds
« Reply #14 on: February 18, 2014, 01:48:32 AM »
Roman Triarii

Triarii (Singular: Triarius) were one of the elements of the early Roman military Manipular legions of the early Roman Republic (509 BC – 107 BC). They were the oldest and among the wealthiest men in the army, and could afford good quality equipment. They wore heavy metal armour and carried large shields, their usual position being the third battle line.
During the Camillan era, they fought in a shallow phalanx formation, supported by light troops. In most battles triarii were not used because the lighter troops usually defeated the enemy before the triarii were committed to the battle. They were meant to be used as a decisive force in the battle, thus prompting an old Roman saying: 'Going to the triarii' (res ad triarios venit), which meant carrying on to the bitter end.

Build menu setup. polished steel armor.

forming phalanx to screen archer from enemy arrows

Phalanx turned into a wedge formation ready for advancing, note the auxiliary to the right filling up a gap in the ranks

Shieldwall charging to clear bridge from enemy troops

Setting up a shieldwall, bracing for an enemy attack

Paired with Greedy's Praetorian class and situational ranged and cav support, IG could utilize proven roman tactics with great results.
Key to succes is iron discipline to perform well trained close formations with a rotation system allowing wounded front units to retreat behind the first rank.
A unit from the second rank then fills in the gap in the first rank, keeping the first rank fit for battle at all times.
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