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WTF, I got a dagger!

Hello IG!!!

So, it has been a long time since Nditions Duel Server had a server event going on! So me and a few of the server admins decided to organize an event!

The event is WTF, I got a dagger!

Basically, everyone is dressed up in dresses and everyone spawns with random weapons, sometimes we do flintlock pistol rounds.
The mode for the event is Battle, there will be two teams.

This is just a fun event, there is no sign up needed, all you need to know is the server password.

Server: Nditions_Duel_Server
Time: Saturday 3rd March @ 5PM GMT
Server Password: saywhat
Nditions Thread:
Taleworlds Thread:

Take at look at this video of when we did this event last time!
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Looks fun! I'll try and be there  8)
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BD is no more, neither is OL. I will be there to remember the good old days!

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