Author Topic: "IG admins are unfair and biased" - A Response  (Read 970 times)

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"IG admins are unfair and biased" - A Response
« on: November 14, 2016, 02:00:11 AM »
Dear players,

we have at various times in the past been called unfair or biased. As this claim keeps being repeated, it seems we should go into a bit more detail on how our administration works and why we think that calling our system unfair is not justified.

For example, some players have complained that we ignore insults and intentional team-attacks from very active players or those with a high reputation, yet I know of a number of both active and well-known players that we have banned over the years, including former members. We strive to be fair and unbiased when we administer, but that is not always possible. If you are friends with someone you may tend to believe them more readily if they say something was an accident or that they will behave from now on. We try not to let that influence us, but we are humans and cannot deal with players like automatons. We have experiences and assumptions about them that bias us to some degree. That is why we report bans in our internal sections, where other admins can look at the reports and say they feel a ban was the wrong decision. That is also one of the reasons why we allow appeals, so players can share their side of the story and convince us that the ban should not stay in place.

If an admin however is overly biased and does not try to be fair, instead clearly favouring some people that is an issue we would want to address with that admin. To do that we need to know about it, though. Many players claim our system is unfair, but few report things like that to us or name names. How are we to know and do anything about it? We try to ensure administration is done fairly, but we don't know everything and we don't keep tabs on our admins 24/7. We trust them to do their job correctly (and to my knowledge they do) and we only investigate if there are reports of misbehaviour.

Now let's look at some examples of what you might see on the server and why the behaviour of the admin might not be due to unfairness on our side:

What you sawPossible reason for it
The admin was spectator but did nothing about an incident.The admin may have been spectator because he or she was away and didn't see anything.
The admin was playing but did nothing about an incident.The admin may not have seen the incident, or not enough of it to form a judgement, because he or she was concentrating on playing the game.
The admin was told in chat that someone teamhit but did nothing.The admin generally wont ban players just because someone says so, needs some sort of verification, also admins don't notice every chat message and may have missed it.
The admin ignored my complaint but banned an offending player when their friend complained. The admin doesn't know you and whether you are making a valid complaint (so need verification), but he or she does know the other person as someone whose experience and opinion we trust.
The admin did nothing when the offending player teamhit me but warned/kicked/banned when the admin him/herself was teamhit. The admin is not sure whether a teamhit he or she saw was accidental and might place him/herself next to or on front of the hitter, than if he hits the admin its crystal clear it was not accidental.
The admin warned a player about a rule violation and when I did the same thing I was kicked not warned.The admin knows that everyone on the server can see the warning, so you knew what you were doing was against the rules.
The admin ignored the other offending player and only kick/banned me. The admin acts based on his or her judgement of the situation, maybe the other players actions are deemed less severe than yours, or you had been warned before and the other player has not or the admin only saw you violating the rules and not the other person.
The admins friends violate rules and do not get warned or bannedThe admin may be talking on TeamSpeak/Steam with their friends and telling them to behave or the friend explained the incident there. Most of our admins have warned/kicked/banned actual friends.

Also, there are times when no admin is online. We've made a decision that we don't routinely go through the logs to find rule-violations, i.e. we don't check logs every day and ban everyone who swears once or twice just to ban people. Also, compiled evidence from long periods of time might not portray an accurate picture, so we consider carefully before banning someone based on our server logs. Furthermore it would take a few hours to check through the full logs every single day, so we don't do that. However, if you see people behaving badly, we got the server complaints section for just this and will then check our logs for the reported (and other) incidents involving the reported player(s). So in other words, it might be possible that sometimes you see someone get away with breaking rules, while at other times our admins deal with them. This is not because we are biased, but because we do not have an automated 24/7 security system to deal with rule-breakers, but rather individuals who are not always online.
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