Author Topic: Ban Appeal - Greybeard [rejected]  (Read 471 times)

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Ban Appeal - Greybeard [rejected]
« on: June 15, 2017, 11:35:35 PM »
What was thename you were banned under?

When were you banned?
more than a year ago

What server were you banned from?

Who banned you?
dont remember

Why were you banned?
its been a while since this incident happened,but as i remember some of your admin(s) behaved badly on ts,so i used a swear word in my language.I didnt know that kind of little swear word hurt your feelings that much.

Why should we expect that you have changed/will behave differently?
My only regret was using that swear word.I think sometimes i forget people can be oversensitive.Anyway,i wont use swear words ever again
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Re: Greybeard
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 12:58:40 PM »
This appeal is very similar to the last one which was rejected.

Whatever you thought you heard on ts that day several people have explained was not said. When an appeal is not an apology for  bad behaviour but rather defamation of IG admins and also implying that they are oversensitive for not allowing swearwords that appeal will not be accepted.

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Re: Greybeard
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