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Complaint- Lisa and Eva
« on: June 01, 2018, 03:23:28 PM »
I played on IG today and there were 2 naked trolls, "Lisa" and "Eva", teamhitting for more than half an hour from 11:50 am to roughly 12:30 bst.
They were not provoked by anyone, they played together even tho they were in different teams and they teamkilled nearly every round in the spawn.
They even got kicked trough polls but rejoined afterwards, many players started to teamkill back to stop them beacause this was teh only thing they could do.
only 3 cases, if you check the logs you see they did way more than these.
tried to record, but my recording program had to update cuz i didnt use it lately :smh:

Its sad, the first time IG was populated that early and the fun got completely destroyed by 2 trolls, there was no admin online. I informed them that they were breaking rules but they didnt care at all, so it wasnt just an "error" of some noobs but trolling on purpose.
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