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Custom Maps on IG_Battlegrounds - Procedures and Current Maps
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:47:39 PM »
Getting your custom map uploaded to IG_Battlegrounds

For any map-creator hoping to have their map added to our current cycle on IG_Battlegrounds, please take a look at the following procedure.
In case there is still something unclear or you got any questions do not hesitate to ask one of our resbonsible members from the OLHC.

1. ~ Create a new thread and submit your custom map on the Server of the Guard board.
        Please provide us a quick overview (with adding a few screenshots) and both a download link and the correct terrain code.

2. ~ As a next step we will upload your map to our private Training Server and the OLHC will arrange a map-testing session. Afterwards we will discuss internally whether or not we
       think that your map suits our server. Our focus lays on any kind of bugs we found, the general layout and if the map is suited for the amount of players we got. Note that your
       map should be enjoyable both for 10 and 50 players.

3. ~ We will get back to you and share our impressions and suggestions. If the testing goes well and you think your map is ready for our server, we will decide if the map should be
       added or not.

4. ~ A decision in favour means that your map will be added to our current cycle on IG_Battlegrounds. Your thread will remain for further discussions, improvements or changes.
       If the map is declined the OLHC will inform you of the reasons and will provide suggestions for improvement.

5. ~ Your map will be "on trial" for roughly 2 weeks. One of our Moderators will set up a poll for the last 5 days where everyone is able to vote either in favour or against your
        new map. The same will be done internally for only IG members. Based on those two results the OLHC can decided whether or not we want to keep your map on our server. We
        do our best to keep this system as democratic as possible and we're always open for suggestions. Due to private issues of our members it may take a few days longer, we
        apologize in advance.

Current map-submissions on server:

1. Nord Town Revised by Azan
2. Castellum by m1tchell23
3. Stronghold by Azan
4. Verloren by Azan
5. Harton Keep by m1tchell23
6. Frosthaven by Azan

Current map rotation (in order):
Naval Outpost
Reveran Village
Nord Town (revised)
Mountain Fortress
Fort of Honour
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