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Title: How to modify Profile Fields
Post by: SCGavin on August 19, 2016, 06:26:39 AM
Steam ID

For the Steam profile field you need your unique Steam ID. In my case this is '76561197987123382' - you can find yours by looking at the URL of your Steam profile, which in turn you can find via google by searching for your name and steam (or through other means, I suppose). Once you have your ID, you should go to 'Profile' > 'Modify Profile' > 'Forum Profile' (on this forum), scroll down to the field 'Steam' and enter the number. You can also take a look at this tutorial:

This will allow other users to add you as friend directly by clicking on the steam icon or your name.

Title: Re: How to modify Profile Fields
Post by: Yoru on August 19, 2016, 10:52:28 AM
i personally think it's easier and more efficient to replace the ID-number with a custom URL you can create on your steam profile:

1. go to your own profile
2. click on edit
3. create your custom ID(still has to be unused)
4. then follow the steps SCGavin listed but make sure to enter the Custom ID (in my case it is KilleRWarband)

The custom IDs are usually shorter and more clear since they show a name rather than just a high digit number
this is the result: